JUST OPENED: The Freshest Cupcakes In Town!

Family-founded foodie brand Sweetheart Cupcakes brings the best of ‘Mum’s home baking’ to London.

"Baking Happiness" 

The belief of this motto comes alive with Covent Garden’s new addition, Sweetheart Cupcakes, the freshest new cake and bakeshop in town.

Waltz along the market place and take in the sweet, mouth-watering scent of fresh, homemade baking that oozes from the pretty pink retreat.  The smell of baked brownies, crunchy biscuits and creamy cupcakes fill the air, beckoning customers to take a peek.    


Visually enchanting with a Victorian doll-house appearance and décor consisting of floral designs, polka-dot cushions and pastel coloured bunting, the boutique foodie paradise automatically provides a friendly, warm atmosphere: the type of place you retreat to, to feel at home, in the center of buzzing London.

All cupcakes and treats are fresh, prepared in house, right in front of customers’ eyes. Resembling a ‘home kitchen’, only free range eggs, top quality British butter and fresh milk are used, with minimal sugar, no sugary substitutes like Stevia, or any other additives… just like ‘mum’s home cooking’.

The Cupcake/Cake menu changes daily, with unlimited variety and tailor made options to choose from. Favourite flavours include Heart Melting Nutella, Oreo, Red Velvet, Wild Lavender and the must try Forest Fruit Yoghurt, with Sweet and Skinny varieties (containing 50% less sugar and fat) also available. The majority is crafted using Sweetheart’s finest marmalades and creams, along with spiced fruits and flower extracts.

Layered cakes are made with TLC, with classics including Lemon Meringue and Blueberry along with extra special options including Gluten free, reduced sugar and vegan. Brownies, Cheesecakes, Organic Marmalade Tarts and delicious Apple Crumble Pies are also up for grabs, along with savory cupcakes and snacks.    

You can’t have cake without tea, or coffee for that matter, which is why the kettle is always boiling at Sweetheart. ‘English Rose’ tea and ‘Lovers’ Potion’ are summer preferences, teamed well with fresh biscuits, infused with spiced tea. Pink and purple lemonades are sure to refresh and for utter indulgence, the creamy milkshakes are unparalleled. When it comes to cappuccinos, Sweetheart’s prove to be the best in town, rich and full of taste.

Sweetheart goes the extra mile by adding a personal touch to baking by producing bespoke cakes and cupcakes, for celebratory occasions, including birthdays, weddings, children’s parties and seasonal events, always bringing smiles to customers’ faces.

The brand became Founder Polly Antoniadi’s brainchild back in 2012 when the first store was opened in Greece.  The mother of two gave up her successful career as a director of multinational advertising firms (including Saatchi and Saatchi) to raise her children, creating home-cooked, healthy dishes for the family just like her mum did when she was a child.  It was always known that granny’s recipes were the best and that living a healthy life meant living a happy life.

Sundays would be spent baking buttered pastries, gooey choccy brownies and iced cupcakes, all made from scratch with fresh ingredients and without the strive for perfection. School days were happy memories, with cupcakes being made for teachers and friends to celebrate seasons and birthdays. Easter, auntie’s birthday and picnics with were also filled with laughter, joy and homemade cakes.        

“Baking Happiness” became the Sweetheart motto and a motto that Polly wanted to share internationally. First stop was always the UK’s capital, the culinary capital of the world, and when her children reached adulthood, Polly’s dream to expand the business in London came true.

“When I first dreamt of Sweetheart, I wasn’t a pastry chef nor did I have any bakery experience”, said Polly. “That turned out to be an advantage rather than a difficulty. It made me plan a business that was meant to stand out and not follow standards. Sweetheart is not a Bakery; Sweetheart is Home!”

It is this homely feel and the importance of family that Polly has brought to Sweetheart in Covent Garden, allowing customers to feel not only welcome but also special, able to enjoy their favourite treats crafted by Polly and her little helpers.



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“Baking Happiness”

Covent Garden’s new addition, Sweetheart Cupcakes, the freshest new cake and bake shop in town.

Sweetheart Cupcakes
34, Covent Garden Apple Market, Lower Level at Opera Performance Area, London, WC2E 8RE

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